Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House Concepts - Brainstorm

A few months ago I discovered 'House Concepts', the alias for a first class producer from Salt Lake City. I listened to his EP 'a new life begins' and somehow his music knew to touch me... His productions are a combination of progressive house with a lot of electronic influences. Today he released a fantastic new EP 'brainstorm', which contains 3 tracks.

Artist: House Concepts (
Songs: Brainstorm, Get on it, Times up
Label: Redking records (

Brainstorm is my favourite track of this EP and it's close to his tracks from 'a new life begins'.


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House Concepts - Brainstorm EP
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  1. hey man I am close friends with Dallin of House Concepts.. in fact we wrote a track together called Pulse you can listen t it on my blogspot @ it is on there.